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  • The U.S solar panel anti-dumping review released, the rate to 4.2%
    • 2017-03-09

    The United States Department of Commerce in Taiwan yesterday issued on a battery of anti-dumping preliminary decision makers in Taiwan tax rate, from a minimum of 11.45%, maximum 27.55%, 19.5% other m...

  • Apple Corp installed 17 megawatt rooftop solar array in Jobs's Dream Garden
    • 2017-03-09

    On Friday (February 23rd) is the founder of the Apple Corp of Steve Jobs's 62 year old Ming chen. To celebrate his birthday, the company announced on the same day that the new headquarters Apple park ...

  • Warranty
    • 2017-03-09

    Warranty Our Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for Bluesun      guarantees materials and workmanship for 10 years and power for 25 years on a linear degradation schedule. Multicrysta...

  • China's trade war against the U.S. photovoltaic industry was hit hard
    • 2017-03-09

    If you want to know how to make a trade war in the opening of the incumbent president Donald? Trump did not, then you can be president of the solar industry and Thor supplier REC Silicon ASA? (Tore To...

    • 2017-03-09

    At a meeting held a few days ago, the Saudi Press release said, in oil producing countries, the most important is not the output, but the export volume. Saudi Arabia: tender 300-500 billion photovolta...

  • EU China PV Anti-Dumping extended 18 months.
    • 2017-03-09

    In March 2nd, the Commission announced the China photovoltaic anti-dumping and countervailing measures to extend the implementation of 18 months, at the same time to initiate a midterm review investig...

  • Premier Li Keqiang: Give priority to the protection of renewable energy power generation Internet
    • 2017-03-09

    9 this morning, the twelfth session of the Fifth National People's Congress opened in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, listen to Premier Li Keqiang's government work report, the report of the ...

  • Bluesun Solar original household photovoltaic system release, high quality products + active after-sales service impact billion market
    • 2017-03-09

    In 2016, Chinese photovoltaic new installed capacity of 34 million 540 thousand kilowatts, which distributed photovoltaic new installed capacity of 4 million 230 thousand kilowatts, compared to 2015 i...

  • Solar pumping system
    • 2017-03-09

    Solar water pump system mainly divided into two kinds: AC solar pump system and DC solar pump system. Here is the main introduction for the AC solar pump system The AC solar pump system has three part...

  • Solar Panel Mounting Structure System for Flat Roof
    • 2017-03-09

    Solar Panel Mounting Structure System for Flat Roof. An increasing number of PV systems are being installed in commercial and home applications across the world. While many of the available roof areas...

  • 澳门新葡京娱乐
    • 2017-04-10

    Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Racking. Ballast mounts rely solely on the weight of the array, racking system and additional material, like concrete pavers, to hold the array to the roof. Their biggest adv...

  • 新葡京国际赌场网址
    • 2017-03-09

    Pitched Roof Solar Panel Roof Mounting Systems. As PV begins to garner more interest from the public, it also draws more scrutiny from building inspectors and fire officials. The success of the PV ind...


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